Dr. Kathy Gruver is an internationally recognized speaker and motivational powerhouse. She will move you with her passionate storytelling, provide you with actionable tools, and leave you empowered to change your life. Gruver has written 8 books, which have earned 12 awards, and has presented on 4 continents, 3 cruise ships, and a handful of islands.

Dr. Gruver speaks on topics such as enhancing communication, overcoming resistance to change, creating true leadership with practical presence, decreasing stress, personal and professional growth, and building a powerful team.

Kathy helped develop a stress reduction program for the US military and has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard. Dr. Gruver is an award-winning author, ACC certified coach, PhD, and two-time TEDx speaker, and is the host of the national TV series, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet. She has been studying psychology and human behavior her entire life.

Dr. Kathy Gruver has earned her PhD in Natural Health and is a Santa Barbara-based ACC certified coach with over two decades of experience in massage and hypnotherapy. She has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Glamour, Fitness, Time, More, Women, Wall Street Journal, CNN, WebMD, Prevention, Huffington Post, Yahoo.com, Marie Claire, Ladies Home Journal, Dr. Oz's The Good Life, First, and Women. Dr. Gruver has appeared as a guest expert on over 250 radio and TV shows including NPR, SkyNews London, Every Way Woman, Morning Blend in Las Vegas, CBS Radio, Lifetime Television, and most recently appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. She is also the co-host of the hot new podcast The Fire and Earth Podcast.

Kathy lives in Santa Barbara, California. For her own fun and stress relief, Kathy does hip hop dance and flying trapeze (yeah, really).

Photo of Kathy

Why hire Kathy?

You get 30 plus years of experience in the realm of stress, mindfulness and helping others grow, heal and evolve and 40 plus years of performance background.

Audiences around the world have been entertained and moved to make changes in their lives from Kathy's powerful programs.

As a triple Capricorn, Kathy is notoriously on time. That means early. And you know she won’t miss the conference because she had perfect attendance from first through 8th grade.

As a former actor and improvisation performer, Dr. Gruver is comfortable with every audience and infuses her talks with humor and a touch of personalization.

Kathy is tenacious. In first grade, Kathy was the "headstand queen"; she just wouldn't fall down. In fact, when the class was over, she still hadn't come down, and the instructor had to pick her up and put her right side up again! She can still stand on her head to this day.

Kathy is flexible and easy to work with. As a trapeze artist, you have to be.

Interesting facts...

Kathy has worked as a grocery clerk, a nanny, an account exec, an administrative assistant to the Vice President of an eco-resort company, a production manager and associate producer, an actor, an artist's model, a magician's assistant, a pizza maker, a housekeeper, a massage therapist, and a hypnotherapist. She has married a dozen couples and has helped deliver eight babies.

Dr. Gruver is a trapeze artist and hip hop dancer.

Kathy once performed gymnastics in a gorilla suit for a conference.

She is an only child, but is very good at sharing (everything other than food).

Kathy, now a nutrition educator and anti-GMO/no soda proponent, was once a member of the Church of Mt. Dew.

Kathy has never had a cavity.

Huge football fan. Go Steelers!

Very very very Type A, but she can meditate. She'll teach you how, too.